Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Things are in full swing now for the up-and-coming Bungay Bash at the Fisher Theatre in Bungay being organised by those awfully nice people at AD Music.

I received a phone call about an hour or so ago from David Wright to say that my live set for the gig needed to be extended from it's present 45 minutes to an hour. This is because the Geigertek set, which will see my daughter making her live debut playing keyboards, is going to be filmed for DVD release!!! Very exciting. Now I have to choose a couple of tracks and sort out suitable backings for them!!!

Had our first Code Indigo rehearsal yesterday and it was very productive - it will sound great and I'm really looking forward to it.

My live rig is looking good and working just fine. I'm using a two MIDI keyboards from Evolution (MK261 and MK449C), a mark I Novation SL61 (as previously owned by David Wright), PC, a laptop and Roland JV-2080. On the PC and laptop, things are being controlled through EnergyXT - I have the 1.4.1 version which, in my view, was the best. Among the soft-synths I'm using are the Korg Legacy Collection (Wavestation in particular), the Minimogue fromn Glen Stegner (a freebie Minimoog emulation VST that sounds fantastic) and the Novation V-Station. The JV-2080 is proving to be a great asset with some gorgeous "moving" sounds - works great on some of the Geigertek tracks.

So, back to the computer to get the extra tracks sorted :-)

I'll be posting some pics of the live rig (as set up in the spare room!!!) soon :-)


  1. funny reading your list of synths; i still use the V-Station a great deal, especially for arpeggios; and regarding the Korg Legacy collection, the MS-20 is my first choice bass synth. i don't know if you use the ARP-2600 at all, but that my first choice for the bigger analog sounds.
    what a combination: fascinating images from derelict buildings and electronic music; great blog - i really enjoy it here.

  2. Thanks, I'm genuinely pleased you find this little corner of the Internet of interest :-)


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