Sunday, 8 May 2011

Backing Tracks Done!!!

At last - the backing tracks for the Bungay Bash gig are done!!! At the time of writing, they are currently making their way to my Dropbox account ready for the music magicians at AD Music to do their bit :-)

I have to say, it's been a labour of love from start to finish, not least because of equipment difficulties and time. For someone such as I who is presently unemployed, I seem to have a shortfall of time. Can't figure that one out.

So, the next phase is rehearsal - I've got the keyboards set up in the spare bedroom ready - all I need to do now is transfer the PC and laptop to the said room and away we go. But before that happens, there'll be a Code Indigo rehearsal this coming Tuesday.

Time to sign off, eat some Guernsey rum 'n' raisin fudge, drink some cherry flavoured Vimto and then I might think about a shower - exciting stuff huh?

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