Friday, 27 May 2011

Backing Tracks Done At Last......!!!

As the title says, the backing tracks for Bungay Bash on the 4th June 2011 have finally been completed :-)

I've just sent them over the AD Music for video graphics to be prepared for them, which will no doubt be absolutely stonking.

With the backing tracks done, I can finally get down to some serious rehearsing. This of course means that the photography and Urban Exploring will be on hold for the next 10 days.

My set is varied. I'm opening with a quirky cover version which hopefully have the "WTF???!!!" factor - it'll be interesting to see if the attendees get it. Plenty of ambient-ish stuff, a bit of up-tempo, a couple of bits from the new Geigertek album "Soundtrack For City Living" and heading back to my musical roots with a bit of classical from the first geigertek album, "The Garden".

All that remains now is to get practicing. My daughter Alannah is joining me on stage playing keyboards and she tells me she's looking forward to it. We're both looking forward to being filmed by the AD Music boffins as there are plans to release a DVD of the performance - more news on that when I get it!!! If the set goes well, I may make inquiries with AD Music about the possibility of a live CD release - nothing like pushing your luck ;-)

Time for bed, it's been a  long day chained to the studio computer, but I think the result has been worth it :-)

Nite nite.

Neil x

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