Saturday, 19 March 2011

Whoops - time slip alert!!!

Blimey, what a busy couple of weeks!!! Hence the lack of updates and hence the feared "timeslip"!!!

So what's been happening? Loads.

Musically, I've been getting myself back to work on the "Soundtrack For City Living" album. For the past couple of months, I've been feeling quite brick-walled where music has been concerned which is why I've been doing so much photography. But, it would appear that the musical mojo is back and normal service has been resumed. A couple of brand new tracks have been started, one of which has the working title of "City Dreaming" and the other "Walk Don't Walk".

Work has started in earnest on the new Age trilogy I'm doing with David Wright and Nigel Turner-Heffer under the name of  "Trinity". We've also made a start on a new Code Indigo album which will be called "A Different Colour". The track we've started has the working title of "Blue Day Dreaming".

Photography-wise, I've been quite busy. Learning the HDR process has been a lot of fun and it's now starting to yield some decent results. I had a pleasant return visit to Bessingham Manor with a couple of new friends who wanted to experience the Urban Exploration thing - was a good visit and I finally made it into the cellars which was great. I also took a trip to the ruined St. Peter's Church in North Burlingham whichn is just off of the main A47 road from Norwich to Great Yarmouth. It's a beautiful derelict and on a sunny day, it was an exquisite sight. Ienjoyed an afternoon with local photographer Brian Wells as we took a short trip to Felthorpe just outside Norwich, wher we found a wonderfully derelict bungalow - once again, the HDR process yielded some quite lovely pictures of which I'm proud. And a return trip to the ruined church in North Burlingham, accompanied by my daughter Alannah, provided me with some great pictures of her in this terrific location. And another chalk mine was found on the Newmarket Road that leads out of Norwich, and not just a chalk mine either, close by was a lime kiln which gave some nice looking pictures.

The images can be seen on my Flickr page, the links to which are below:

These images will soon be added to the NF website

Please don't forget to tune into South Spiritual Radio, who have "The Timeless Mind" as their "Album of the Week", on Thursday 24th March 2011 as I'm being interviewed by Steve Sheppard!!! The links for the SSR are below:

Link 1: Southern Spiritual Radio Live (Windows Meda Player)
Link 2: Southern Spiritual Radio Live (Quicktime)

So, the week ahead is a busy one yet again. A combination of voluntary work, exploration, music making, radio interviews. In the meantime, below are a few pics as a taster to the others I've been doing.

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