Thursday, 24 March 2011

So, there's a new set of pictures in the Bessingham Manor House gallery on my Flickr page. A what a return explore this was!!!

I visited with two other explorers, our mission to get to the upper floors of this rickety crumbling old shell. We achieved this, but I'm paying a little bit of a price for it.

Now, let's get it clear here, I'm not good with heights and I'm worse with ladders. I can get up them, as quick as you want, my problem is getting back down again. So on our descent, I opted to lower myself over the edge of the first floor landing - doing it this way meant that I could do it slowly and then the drop would only have been a couple of feet - no big deal. Please keep in mind here that I was shitting bricks through this whole process. I got my legs over the side and started to shuffle back over the edge, one of my companions was already down and waiting to help me out if needed. And the the corner of the door frame I was holding onto gave and away I went like the proverbial sack of potatoes. It was neither elegant or pretty and thankfully, my companion (who luckily for me is in the Armed Forces) pushed me away from the cellar access which was in my flight path. The result was a professional "para" roll, an afternoon in A&E and torn ligaments in the ankle and knee with impact bruising and swelling up my right leg.

I got the shot ;-)

You can find the gallery HERE.
I've noticed from my last few explores that black and white seems to be so well suited to this type of photography. Most of the better pictures from this new set are in black and white, so it may be that I'll venture a little further into it. I like the effect it gives, making the locations seem that little bit sadder or even a little more mysterious. And I think it obvious that I now an HDR devotee - I love the detail it can bring out and I don't think I can go back now :-)
Here's a little teaser of what's in the gallery:

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