Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Exploring a Cold War location......

I've uploaded photographs of a recent explore to a nuclear wepaons storage facility. It was awesome.

Unfortunately I can't give any information about the location of this site because part of it is still used by the British Army and the Royal Airforce - more hassle than I want!!!

It was quite a breath-taking morning walking around bunkers that housed nuclear warheads and hangars that were designed to withstand a smart bomb and even a nuclear bomb, hangars that housed the aircraft which would have been the deliverers of armageddon.

At it's height, security would have been immense, defined by the triple skin fencing, copious amounts of CCTV, a large dog section, foot and mobile patrols as well as search lights (which still turn and are just awesome!!!). Even though the site is now free of all nuclear arms (so we're led to believe), parts of the site are still used for training, mostly joint operations for Police and NARO as well as the CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) regiment.

The Flickr page can be accessed HERE

A little taster:

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