Thursday, 20 January 2011

An Urbex Itch Scratched :-0

I've had my eye on an undeveloped part of a former city centre general hospital in Norwich for the last 3 months or and last night both opportunity and time presented themselves.

The main hospital was closed for business in approximately 2001 and redeveloped for premium housing. This redevelopment is still on-going and the target for this explore is the last remaining undeveloped wing.

A lot of the redevelopment on this derelict wing and it was quite obvious that the developers have given thought to securing the building from too much in the way of vandalism and the likes of us explorers. After a hairy-scary fence scaling episode, I was able to gain access to most of the basement and ground floor rooms, but the main part I wanted to get to (the entrance lobby with the principle staircase to the upper floors) was very securely sealed. I found holes in walls which enabled me to get to different parts of the ground floor, but all doorways to the main entrance area had been bricked up and sealed. Also, it seems that all other staircases had been either removed or capped at their apex. I have to say that this was something of a seriously cool move on their part, but inherently annoying for this explorer out on his first solo night-time mission. But with respect, what was accessible, whilst not particulrly remarkable, was in a relatively good state of repair.

I was quite fortunate with this one as I was able to get a rough idea of the layout of the building before I went in because my partner worked in this hospital for many years and frequented the doctor's bar most evening's after work (her words not mine!!!).

As I said above, this was my first proper solo explore and boy, did the adrenalin flow!!! I was grateful of my background in ghost hunting etc because I'm not in the least bothered by the dark or being on my own in a derelict property, but I do have to say that my sensitivity to sound was expotentially heightened X-D

What was inside wasn't spectacular and I did have some focusing issues, so have a little taster of the images I captured below. The full set can be found on my Flickr page HERE

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