Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Urban Explorers

Next to music, photography and Urban Exploration are my most loved pastimes and already I have loads of my pictures on the website and my Facebook page.

However, it's quite an obvious thing to state that I am not the only one in the world what pursues this Urban Exploration thing, and I can tell you that there are some seriously cool sets of photographs out there that I would love to have taken.

As and when the mood takes me, I'm going to share my favourite explorers' images here on this'um blog thingy.

A couple of guys I have contact with on Facebook have been getting themselves about the U.K. capital amongst other places and coming up with some rather cool pics. The first is Greg MacKenzie and he puts his images into a Facebook page he calls "Urban Exploring Adventures". I've put a couple of images below, but please do click HERE to see a whole load more.

Next up is Tony Pullen. Some great shots once again residing in his Facebook page. He explores with Greg and they're capturing some mighty nice locations. Click HERE for Tony's Facebook photo albums and have a quick scan below of some of his work.

And finally for this session is Lee Smith. I did an explore recently with Lee and it was cool to watch him in action. He has a great website (which you can find HERE) where he not only presents his pictures, but he also adds a damn fine bit of writing to go with them :-)

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