Sunday, 9 January 2011

"Soundtrack For City Living" Update

I had a conversation with the guys at AD Music recently about the progress of the third Geigertek album, "Soundtrack For City Living" and it's estimated completion date. I've said that I expect another 6 months work on it, so we have agreed a release date of August 2011. It has been assigned it's catalogue number and as you'll have already seen, the draft artwork is underway. The tracks are starting to come together, boosted by the inclusion of a cover version of a classic electronica track from 1980, for which permission for the use of was recently granted by the publishers.

As a teaser, here are some projected track titles, which are not in any sort of order and could change for the final release:

Beyond The Garden (definite opening track)
Systems of Motion
Devil May Care
Beauty In Decay
A Rainfall Moment
City Living
Fast Lane

I'm planning to segue "Systems of Motion", "Underpass" and "Devil May Care" as they share a common theme/feel/atmosphere.

With what I have already done/started, this album will have a predominantly chill-out vibe to it, the exceptions at this time being "Fast Lane" and "City Living" which are both up-tempo. In a break from previous albums, but inspired by the "Endless Night E.P.", there will be vocals on three tracks, these being "Underpass", "Devil May Care" and "City Living". It's unlikely that I will be doing any lead vocal work as I am hoping to get the services of a couple of local singers who have voices that really suit the pieces I have in mind for them.

The cover version will not be a copy of the original and it has to be remembered that I am a huge fan of the artist who wrote the song - this is MY take on it, so don't expect another clone. Thus far, it is discerned as the track you would know mainly by it's chorus hook. Vocally, I am intending to  use both female and male voices blended together with an ad-lib lead vocal over the final passges of the track. My version has the same edge that the original had, but a vastly warmer sound creating that much-needed dystopian feel which I started using on "The Timeless Mind".

As well as vocalists, I'm also incorporating real guitars. I'm going to be approaching a couple of people I know who can do what I need for the album, one of them being Code Indigo's Nigel Turner-Heffer. I want a broader sound pallet for this album, whilst at the same time keeping it's under-lying tone electronic. I will be using vocoded vocals, hell I'm even looking at using that grossly over-done "Cher Autotune" effect as it will have a place on one of the tracks. Oh yes, and there may be a guest musician playing on the album as well - more details when I get them ;-)

It's going well and I'm pleased with the sound so far, but the finish line is still a long way off.

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