Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Geigertek Live Set: The Bungay Bash (3 Ales and a Gig)

I've just received confirmation for my first gig of 2011. It's a slot that's part of a day of electronic music to be called "The Bungay Bash (3 Ales and a Gig)".

It will be the first of AD Music's planned annual Suffolk Electronic Music festivals to be held in June in conjunction with a small beer festival at the Fisher Theatre in the Suffolk town of Bungay. This event is also a bit of a first (if you'll pardon the unintentional pun) because it's being held in conjunction with a beer festival, so three local ales will be "on tap" for the day, hence the “3 Ales and a Gig” tag. Also to make you aware, the event is NOT all seated, but there should be more than enough seats for those who prefer to rest their derrieres. You will be able to specify “seated” when you book.

It'll pretty much be an AD Music affair so as to test the waters, with myself (Geigertek) and David Wright playing the two afternoon slots and Code Indigo headlining the evening slot. However, there will be a fourth act (yet to be confirmed) playing in the cellar bar between the performances.

The ticket prices for the event will be £10 and said tickets will be available very soon from the Fisher Theatre box office (telephone: 01986 897130) and of course the AD Music website

My set will be a mixture of my electronica and ambient electronic sides, featuring tracks from the albums and E.P., as well as debuting new material from the forth-coming "Soundtrack For City Living".

I have to agree with what the official announcement from AD Music says about Norfolk and Suffolk being a beautiful part of the U.K. to visit in the late Spring and early Summer, so please do come and join in the fun with us for the First Bungay Bash :-)

As more details emerge, I will of course be up-dating them here.




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