Friday, 24 December 2010

Using a Casio VL-Tone on the new album

I was recently having a listen to some sounds from Spectrasonics Trilian bass synthesizer and their awesome Omnisphere synthesizer recently at my good friend David Wright's Planet Studio when I heard a patch that I am sure had a Casio VL-Tone on it!!! Remember the little VL-Tone - it was a white glorified calculator with a button keyboard and a few dodgy sounds. The Human League used one of these little blighters on the "Get Carter" track on their "Dare" album.

I knew that I once had one and I believed I knew where in my store of junk, collected over the last 40 years, it was - and it was, right where I thought I had seen it :-)

Well, I'm not exactly best-placed to buy either Omnisphere or Trilian at this moment in time, so I thought about how the sound was made up. Can't be that difficult surely? And you know what? It isn't. A little of jiggery-pokery and some significant layering and processing brought me close to the sound I liked. What's more, when I applied it to the track I had in mind, it sounded great - to my ears of course!!! Time will tell once the album is released if I did indeed pull it off.

So, with that little success in mind, I'm going to try and do a little more with the VL-Tone - recording the rhythms etc into a sampler and then cutting the resulting .wav thing up is easy, so please do expect some VERY vintage tones from me in the future.

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  1. Don't forget that the "flute" preset also played the lead sound on "Open your heart"!


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