Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Queen's Speech 2010

Okay, I'm not anti-monarchy as such. They do serve a role in that they bring tourists in. Fair enough. I don't think they should receive any money from the tax-payer though, particularly in these difficult times, their wealth is sufficient as is their land-ownership. So, it was that I thought the Queen's Speech this year would serve to bolster the flagging spirits of her nation who are beset with debt, job losses, price rises and financial worries and give the average man and woman in the street a little something in a message born of hope and inspiration.

Boy was I disappointed.

For 10 minutes our monarch spoke without really saying anything at all. I'm not interested in the King James bible, like many in this country, I see religion the same as I see government - a seething cauldron of evil, hypocrisy and corruption. And going on about sport bringing the community together? I bet the bloke in the wheel chair or the bed-ridden child whole-heartedly agreed with that message!!! And talk about over-doing the PC thing on the "ethnic minority" issue - do we not have any white children in our schools anymore?

I'm sorry ma'am, but this year I wanted you to tell me that yes, things are tough, yes, times are hard and will get worse before they get better, but that we will all come through and we will all be okay. I wanted you to applaude your Armed Forces for the questionable war they are fighting, I wanted you to recognise the hardships people are facing at the moment. But no, you showed me sports halls and gyms - why is that relevant? How many of us can actually afford to use these type of facilities?

All I saw this year was an old lady gibbering on about irrelevant stuff, over-parading ethnic children in a vulgar display of political correctness and not showing any sign of interest in difficulties facing her subjects.

A very poor showing and something her father and the people of his generation would not have been proud of.

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