Thursday, 9 December 2010

All Change In The Geigertek Studio :-)

Once again the winds of change blow fortuitously over the Geigertek Studio.

My trusty Evolution MK449C MIDI keyboard controller is about to be replaced by a Novation SL61 Mk I MIDI keyboard controller, thanks to my good friend, the UK electronic music composer and founder of AD MusicDavid Wright. He's currently having a clear-out and updating his amazing Planet Recording Studio, so various bits and pieces are up for grabs and I got first refusal on the Novation. I've been wanting this controller for some time and whilst it isn't the new MK II, I'm happier to have the MK I - I'm not sure I would like the Mk II having read the reviews and checked out the images. This is a good studio upgrade with a very definite professional piece of equipment.

Progress is being made with the third Geigertek album, titled "Soundtrack For City Living". I already have 5 tracks well and truly underway now, but still a long way before completion. There is a lovely laid back feel to the pieces, nice crunchy/glitchy rhythms and lashings of reverb (of course). I'm hoping to really kick back the boundaries of my previous releases with the inclusion on the album of a cover of a famous electronica piece from the early 1980's - not going to say what it is at this stage as I want to wait for the copyright/publishing permissions to come through first. Once I've got those, I'll be completing the piece in a way that still retains it's feel, but will present it with a 21st Century sound. I'm also including a some vocal tracks as well, one of which has a very "James Bond"/John Barry feel to it. I'm waiting to hear from a young female vocalist whose voice would be perfect for the piece.

I'm using some new (to me) software from U.K. based Minimal System Instruments - a great reverb called "Airwalker" and "Moogi" which is a vintage Moog filter emulation. Both pieces are really good and give the music a certain character which is very appealing to me at the moment.

I've also been using some sample packs from another U.K. company called Hollow Sun run by the rather friendly Steve Howell. The "Crumar Performer" and "VP330" both sound incredible and bring quality vintage synth sounds to the modern musician.

I don't want to sound like an ad campaign here but, I have to say that both Minimal Sytem Instruments and Hollow Sun offer some fantastic products at incredibly low prices (a great reverb for £2.99???!!!) and a friendly service as well - aside from the sound, these are big factors for me.

So, time to clear the desk ready for the new keyboard. I may be very sad and post a few pictures ;-)

N xxx

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