Thursday, 23 December 2010


Well it's coming to that time of the year when we start to make plans for new one. I don't count myself out of that pastime :-)

Musically speaking, it's going to be quite a full year, certainly for the first half. Top of the pile is "Soundtrack For City Living" which will be the third Geigertek instrumental electronic music album - that's well underway now and is taking shape nicely. I'm doing collaboration with David Wright and Code Indigo guitarist, Nigel Heffer-Turner, on a series of new-age style albums. Calling ourselves "The Trinity", the first of these will be called "Music For Angels". Alongside these I'm putting together a track for a forth-coming "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (yes, the movie) musical tribute album. A number of U.K. electronic music artists are involved, including Gary Hunter, Neon and Soulless Party. I'm also doing a collaboration with a well-known electronic music artist (who shall remain nameless at this time) - this is exciting as it is someone outside of the AD Music family and something I'm certainly looking forward to.

Live performance-wise, not too sure about anything solid as yet. There is talk of an AD Music bash in June or July, that's yet to be confirmed and there is also murmurings of an electronica gig (similar to the Artificial gig I played at last August) to be held in Nottingham, probably during March. And of course, after a series of set-backs during 2010, work will be defintiely be starting very soon on the Code Indigo album - something else I am seriously looking forward to.

Gear-wise, I think I'm there at the moment with no plans for anything new to be added to the set-up. The studio is now running lovely and I can now properly enjoy it's potential.

The old Urban Exploration list of places to go is looking quite long at the moment - lots of very promising potential sites. Let's hope access and weather play ball :-)

So, now it's time for a coffee and maybe a quick razz on the Nintendo DS that my gorgeous daughter gave me Christmas X-)

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