Friday, 23 July 2010


Once again, it's been ages since I did one of there 'ere bloggy things. What a shock to see that it's nearly 3 months since my last one!!!

Anyway, strange times yet again. Once more the tides of change have been around me and so, as usual, it's a matter of going along with it.

"The Timeless Mind" is now well and truly out there in the public domain, available from AD Music of course, but also from the sites such as Musiczeit (If you like electronic music, check this site out!!!), Amazon,, iTunes (my kids think I am well cool for being on there) and loads of others.

The E-Day event went brilliantly and the two tracks played from "The Timeless Mind" were well received - out of interest, we played "In Another Light" and "Spirit-Walking". It was great to meet and talk with a number of known figures within the genre.

The reviews have started to appear for "The Timeless Mind" and thus far have been positive, so it looks as though I'm getting something right!!!

So, what now?

I've been busying away since "The Timeless Mind" was released, on a collection of electronica tracks with vocals for an EP called “The Endless Night E.P.”. I'm having a bit of a branching out away from the ambient/instrumental and will be performing at a club style event in Norwich in August called ‘Artificial 1′. So if you’re in the Norwich area of the UK, on Saturday 21st August 2010, it might be worth checking it out! I'm also working on several other projects at the moment, and it seems guitarists are forming something of a key element of the music. There may be something of a Fripp/Eno style collaboration with Norwich guitarist Stephen Scott, while there are talks of a new age acoustic guitar album with fellow Code Indigo band members David Wright and Nigel Turner Heffer for release through New World Music. And of course, I'll be working as part of Code Indigo on a new album which has the working title of “A Different colour”.

Let's see what the next few weeks bring :-)

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