Thursday, 13 May 2010


Well, lots in the pipeline I have to say.

Once E-Day has passed, I'll be focusing on a live slot at an evening of electronica in Norwich in August. I'm awaiting final details, but it would seem that I have a 30 minute slot. What will be interesting about this particular performance is that I will not be doing the ambient instrumental stuff. No. It's out and out electronica complete with vocals - a real challenge for me I have to say. But, it's a challenge I'm up for. I've got a few songs waiting in the wings, and once we've done the E-Day concert, I can finish the recordings and start work on the backing tracks. For this gig, I'm planning on a 5 or 6 track E.P. which can be sold at the event and there is a possibility of it being made available for download. I'm in talks with AD Music about that at the moment, so watch this space ;-)

I've also got some musical sketch pads which will form the basis for the third Geigertek album. More uptempo, more electronic and less piano than my previous outings. But that will be looked at once the August gig has taken place.

This weekend will see me getting my MIDI keyboards and synths performance ready - programming the MIDI keyboards to control the various software synthesziers I use and also sorting out the numerous sound patches into some semblance of order. Once that's done, everything from my point of view will be in place ready for next weekend's big event. Can't wait.

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